Stage Lighting

Lynn Sound Systems offers many different lighting packages for different types of events. If you are not sure what you need or want please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you choose what will work best for your event to make it the best possible.

We offer many packages that cover weddings, bands, clubs and general parties.
So be assured, we have what your event needs!


Lynn Sound Systems Lighting Inventory List:

12 American DJ Par 64 LED R.G.B.

4 American DJ ACCU Spot 250 (Moving Head)

8 American DJ Profile Panel LED
4 Irradiant Lighting LED 45' Color Strip
4 Martin Roboscan Pro 518's (Scanners)

1 Tek tonic 4 head laser red and green

1 Black Laser Tunnel 4 head Green & Purple Laser
2 Martin PR-1 Gobo Projectors

1 Martin Image scan Pro Gobo Projector

1 Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe

2 Martin Mac 250 (Moving Heads)

6 600watt Par 64 cans

5 300watt Par 56 cans

4 75 watt Par 36 Pin spots


2 Global Truss F34 12'' Square 5ft Section
2 Global Truss F34 12'' Square 6.5ft Section
2 Global Truss F34 12'' Square 8ft Section
2 Global Truss F34 12'' Square 7ft Section

2 Global Truss F34 12'' Square 1.6ft 2Way 90 Degree Corner
4 Global Truss ST-132 Crank Stands 15ft High
14ft  1" triangle Truss
2 14 Ft Truss Crank stands + T bar

2 American DJ 10Ft Light Duty Crank Stands


1 Elation DMX Operator Pro Controller
American DJ MY-DMX PC Control

2 American DJ F-1700 Foggers 15,000 CFM Each

We also specialize in lighting installations!


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